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Flamenco Dance, Seville, Spain

Flamenco Dance Show during dinner at El Palacio Andaluz, Seville, Spain. The costumes, the dignified poise, the stomping footwork bedazzled us while we ate,...

Flamenco dance, Flamenco guitar. Fandangos Arleen Hurtado and Ben Woods

Flamenco duo in California. Choreography and dance by Arleen Hurtado Music and guitar by Ben Woods...

Flamenco Dance

The amazing grace and power of Flamenco, performed by Celina Zambon.

Amazing Flamenco Dance Sara Baras

Source Flamenco Flamenco - Director: Carlos Saura.

Sensual Flamenco

To see more of my videos: Here is the link to other version of flamenco video Amazing Flamenco. I invite you to watch...

Amazing Flamenco

To see more of my videos: In my fascination with flamenco I made two versions of the flamenco video. I invite you to...

Guajira - flamenco

Performed and choreographed by Behnaz Khusrokhan.

Flamenco Dance by Spanish Gypsies Part 1

Latin Ballroom Dancing: Dance Steps of the Flamenco

Flamenco dancing emphasizes position, an open torso and alternating quick and slow dance steps. Learn a simple version of the Flamenco in this free video on...

Female Flamenco Dance in Barcelona

Free video about Flamenco dance. This free video was created for you by and can be used for free under the creative commons license with the...