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Drupal 7 Usability Study at Google (User 6)

wiki page with details of the study: Detailed user profiles:...

Google Docs - Spreadsheets Basics

The basics of using Google Spreadsheets. Also be sure to check out the corresponding Toupin Tech reference guide:

How to Create a Google Docs Account

This screencast, created for clients of Nintera, describes how to create a Google Docs account in 60 seconds.

How to Embed a Google Docs Spreadsheet chart into a Google Docs document

This short video describes how to easily embed the image of a graph created in a Google Spreadsheet into a Google Document.

Drupal 7 Usability Study at Google (User 1)

wiki page with details of the study: Detailed user profiles:...

Convert Microsoft Word to Google Drive

In less than 4 minutes, learn how to upload Microsoft Word. doc or. docx files to Google Drive, and then convert them to...

Google Docs Essential Training

In this...

How to Make Internal Links in Drupal 6

This screencast, made for clients of Nintera, demonstrates how to create internal links using ckeditor in Drupal 6. The advantage of these links is that they can...

Drupal front-end of Google Drive

Out of the box, cloud storage services are not all that useful when you need to collaborate on documents in a organizational context. Most services do a pretty...

Multidev Launch Introduction

Multidev: Multidev Cloud Development Environments for teams. What kept your last website from launching on time?