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Sympathy -Someone Like You Leah Barrett Jekyll and Hyde

Sabrinas Encore Productions. Leah Barrett as Lucy. Sympathy and Someone Like You 2011.

Its a Dangerous Game

Sabrinas Encore Productions Broadway Holiday Concert Michael Deluca & Hannah Rose DeFlumeri Its a Dangerous Game from Jekyll & Hyde.

Sabrinas Encore Productions - Les Misérables 2015 Preview

seps 2015 cast of Les Misérables sang at the St. Rose Carnival in Newtown, CT on June 25. - - This summer, Sabrinas Encore Productions is producing three...

Sabrinas Encore Productions - Newtown, CT

Sabrinas Encore Productions is a community theater program in Newtown, CT. Since 2007, sep has been offering voice lessons, acting classes, and two...

Sabrinas Encore Productions Summer 2015 Teaser

This summer, Sabrinas Encore Productions is producing three shows at Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, CT. July 17 - 18 Beauty and the Beast Jr. Thoroughly...

MMY Launch Concert - 2.8 Façade

mmy performing Façade from Jekyll and Hyde the musical. See below for their upcoming full show: Jekyll & Hyde The Musical Performed by Manchester...

Bring Him Home - Kyle Watkins

Kyle Watkins performing Bring Him Home () from Sabrinas Encore Productions Les Miserables.

Encore by Mafioso

Leah Barrett - In His Eyes Jekyll and Hyde

Leah Barrett & Caitlin OKeefe, In His Eyes , Jekyll & Hyde sep 2011.

I Dreamed a Dream- Leah Barrett

Sabrinas Encore Productions. Le Mis School Edition. Leah Barrett.