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PfSense & DansGuardian with Transparent Proxy

Using loopback () worked Changed firewall rule and set dans guardian to loopback.

Tutorial 15 pfSense - Squid & Squidguard - Content filtering

Questo video mostra come installare Squid e Squidguard su pfSense per filtrare gli accessi ad Internet. E semplice da comprendere come tutti gli altri...

PfSense Quick Look Firewall Content Filter Block Porn Web Proxy Cache

Quick look at pfSense. I mainly wanted this for the proxy feature, but it has worked great as an overall firewall, etc. How to block porn (or any sites/groups of sites)...

Tornando a navegacao de Internet mais segura com o pfSense

Tornando a navegaço de Internet mais segura com o pfSense utilizando o proxy Squid, o filtro http havp com Clamav e logs com o Lightsquid.

Web Filtering using squidGuard in pfSense

A video I made for the Georgia Public Library Service: a quick run-through of installing the Squid & squidGuard packages on a pfSense firewall, then setting up...

Squid & SquidGuard no Pfsense

Squid & SquidGuard no Pfsense.

7 PfSense Packages - Squid Transparent Proxy - Installation and Configuration

Squid is a proxy server and web cache daemon. It has a wide variety of uses, from speeding up a web server by caching repeated requests; to caching web,...

Configurando Squid3 SquidGuard3 Proxy Transparente bloqueando SSL/HTTPS no PFSense

Pessoal s retificando, no vdeo quando vou falar sobre os certificados, na verdade o Squid no utilizar um certificado para fazer o filtro https, ele utiliza uma...

Installing and Configuring the Squid Proxy in pfSense

What a proxy is, why we would use one, and how to install the Squid package in pfSense.

Implementacin de Servidor Proxy con Directorio Activo (Pfsense)