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Chia Hui Liu Return to the 36th Chamber 1980 Best Fights

Chia Hui Liu Return to the 36th Chamber 1980 Best Fight Scenes Facebook - Music...

Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2/12) Movie CLIP - Master Pai Mei (2004) HD

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Gordon Liu Chia Hui Fighting Scene 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Gordon Liu - Interview & Film Clips

Gordon Liu (a. k. a - Lau Kar Fai Liu Chia Hui) is a martial arts actor, best known to genre fans for his leading role in The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978), & to...

Dirty Ho (1976) Trailer (Yue Wong, Chia Hui Liu, Lieh Lo)

Liu Chia Hui is Wong Fei Hung

TV shapes, Hung Kuen based.

Breakout from Oppression with Gordon Liu

Breakout from Oppression with Gordon Liu. This is Gordon Liu (Chia Hui Liu) first movie. You can see in the movie how young he looks. A boss and his...


Hung Gar and Monkey style forms and stances used in Liu Chia-Liangs fight choreography during his tenure at the Shaw Brothers studio.

Liu Chia Hui VS Zhang Fu Jian

Gordon-Liu Chia Hui with Shaolin close quarter technique against the Imperial Eagle Claw style of Zhang Fu Jian.

Liu Chia Hui

From the land of Song Shan.